Sunday, December 20, 2009

I dont like the world anymore!

Models : Kashmir Wind and VNP Ninetails
decoration by Colemarie Soleil..
Photography by VNP Ninetails
Outfits: Dita Night by VNP Ninetails (Vassnia) available in gold tones and white at Vassnia Main Store
Skins: Mia and Doll by VNP Ninetails (Vassnia)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

From .::Vassnia::. comes the stunning Dita Night gown, presented here in neat black. Elegant and sexy at once, Dita will show off your curves - and your skin - in mesmerising ways, thanks to the detailed and realistic stretched satin textures, the uniquely designed bare-back bodice, and the gently flowing full length skirt flaring out in the back.
The bodice features a corset-like appearance and wide ribbon bands running from the neck down the sides and around the back, where they meet the skirt with an adornment of sculpted flowers. Another ribbon band tied around the body below the chest provides a snug fit, connecting to the back of the neck with crossing straps. Further adding to the amazing texture detail are prim attachments such as the chest tie, a neck choker layered from strings tied with another decorative flower, and more flowers to wear anywhere on the hair.
Like most of Vassnia's creations, Dita comes complete with long satin gloves and a perfectly matched pair of ladies heels with sculpted and detailed flowers too - the perfect evening gown for the lady who seeks elegance and refinement without compromising her sex appeal.

It includes:
- a sexy choker with a sculpted flower and flexi straps
- realistic top and pants
- flexi skirt with fine detailed sculpted flowers on the back
- Sculpted shoes with sculpted flowers
- A flexi ribbon for the chest
- A high quality pair of satin gloves.
- Sculpted flowers for hair.. they can be edited to match any hairdo.

(choker, skirt and hair flowers are modifiable)
This dress is copiable and not trans.

Available at Vassnia Main Store in 3 different GOLD shades and in white as a wedding dress.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Dita in gold tones and black!
Vassnia, skins, shapes, outfits for women that love and feel intensely
Model : Jellybean Beaumont

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


So many people loved this dress and requested a wedding version of it that Dita Bride came along.. now this unique dress includes an exquisite veil with sculpted flowers and cute textures, a sexy choker with sculpted flower, realistic top and pants, flexi skirt with fine detail.. shoes .. a chest ribbon and a very cool pair of satin gloves. No trans, copy!.. Veil, choker and skirt are modifiable.
Have a happy wedding!


Monday, October 12, 2009

Ok.. so this poster has all three items in giving away in the first hunt im participating! and it is all for men!.. so girls.. take ur man and hunt my head off :D

Friday, August 14, 2009


Miles: Oh i fell asleep what happened?
V: We abused u
Miles: I always miss all the fun.. can u do it again?
Antu: i dont think u can handle it a second time
Miles: Damn...
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Antu: WOW this is hot!
V: isnt he? ... he is so handsome
Antu: i meant the dress...
V: erhm.
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Castello is a minidress available at several colors at Vassnia.. here with Official Vassnia Face: Antuanet Forcella and hot Miles Maven.. (im the one on the floor). Having a good time on one of those late talks where u share more than u should!.

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Castello Silver!
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Castello Silver!
Models: VNP Ninetails and Miles Maven
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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

sad sunset

sad sunset
Originally uploaded by VNP Ninetails
cats always know when we are sad.. and god provided them with a powerful tool to calm us.. the purring thing :)

Sunday, August 09, 2009


Outfit:Zecret by Vassnia
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Next Door Girl picking into the future...
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for a wonderful girl...

Castello.. in memoriam of angel Castello Winograd

A dress made with love in memoriam of an angel that left us too soon: Castello. I know u loved red and sexy so this is for YOU girl. A minidress, not the usual stuff.. an original design made to make heads turn.. with realistic textures carefully treated and sculpted attachments .. and shoes. Enjoy the originality.. come to Vassnia.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Friday, August 07, 2009

from August 9 to September 9!

If you want to win 5000 L (cash) plus a 2500L Card to spend in Vassnia CLOTHING STORE & SKINHOUSE, and you think you can make a professional photography then this contest is for YOU!.

All you have to do is:
1. Wear 1 Vassnia complete outfit and use at least one candle from Myford´s Candle Store (next to Vassnia Clothing Store) somewhere in the picture, use ur imagination!.
2. The picture should be 1024x1024 fullperms, no names, logos, signs, nudity or clothes from another brand. You can use photoshop or any program you want to enhance them.
3. Send a folder named: "Photocontest:___(YOUR NAME)___" (ex.: Photocontest: Jewell Blister) to VNP Ninetails including the picture and a notecard with ur transactions numbers of all the items bought at Vassnia and Myford´s Store included in the picture (they have to be bought since August 9 and no before that date). You can optionally add a description of how you got the inspiration for that picture.
4. The contestant must have VASSNIA as a pick in his/her profile and belong to VASSNIA GROUP.
5. You must upload ur picture to a FlickR account and add it to our group
6. You can send your picture between August
9th - September 9th. No entries will be accepted after that.

Judges will evaluate the quality, elegance, beauty, taste, imagination, creativity and originality... in your picture, you have to reflect your personality in it.

1. THE WINNER will get 5000L in cash and a 2500 L card to spend in Vassnia clothing store &Skinhouse.
2. Second place winner will get a 1500L store card to spend in Vassnia clothing store &Skinhouse.
3. Third place winner will get a 1000 L store card to spend in Vassnia clothing store &Skinhouse.
4. All the contestants that accomplish the rules, will be getting a gift
for their participation.

The winning photograph will be exposed at Vassnia Main store, in our blog , in our flickr site and promotional stuff.

The winner will get the priviledge to have 3 professional pictures taken at ANTUANET FORCELLA´s Studio.

Each of the 3 winners will get to model one of the next outfits Vassnia will be releasing and will keep the outfits they model as well.

Prizes will be given on September 11 at 3pm slt and the Cards will have to be spent until September 13 top, after that, they will expire.

GOOD LUCK on this challenge!!!

Vassnia Creator and Owner.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Wednesday, August 05, 2009


An 18 set of skins carefully designed with many new and different options: day, woman, passione, fruit, dreams, power, future, disco, girlie, tribal, satin, yuriko, freckles, rebel, special, ava, icon and tears!. I also made a special shape for this skin.. smaller than usual for girls who prefer not so curvy shapes: TERUMI.
Enjoy! :)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

BOOGIE ME... in the seventies when legs were the BOOM!
Enhance ur body with the sparkling 70´s style minidress which really stands out when u dance.. perfect for that party where u dont want to look like everybody else. Classy, realistic textures ... sexy!. The top comes in 3 layers, flexi sleeves, flexi miniskirt, shorts, and SCULPTED BOOTS!!!.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Michael... Tribute (remember the KING!!!)
As seen on his Billie Jean performance in Madison Square Garden on his 30th Anniversary Celebration in 2001... this is my Michael Tribute to the man i will never forget. It includes: Skin with Jacket&T-shirt and pants, Sculpted Shoes, Gloves, Eyes, Sculpted Hat, sculpted socks, sculpted cuffs, sculpted collar and sculpted armband... full info about this avatar in the notecard inside.

Saturday, July 04, 2009


Antuanet Forcella´s Birthday!...
here Jewel,Vassnia, Antuanet and KAshmir. So girlie muahhh
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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Nikita Passion a Jessica Rabbit touch!
Causing an impact while being exquisite and sensual is not an issue anymore with Nikita. Flexi modifiable skirt with slit and massively sexy cleavage.. realistic textures.. two versions of a necklace that could make ur cleavage the center of the attention.. shoes and realistic gloves!... transferrable.. Get to be the envy of ur friends... and the passion of everyone

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Antuanet skin by Vassnia (newwwww!)... the passion for moles uhmmmmm

This skin is available in 18 make ups individually or in a convenient megapack.. all the possible combinations of colors from classic to avant garde, it has moles in strategic places on the body which makes it unique and naughty.
Also, optional shape created specially for this skin: Blonde Ambition.
The Vassnia Video... must see !

Special thanks to models:
Antuanet Forcella
Kashmir Wind
Rhonda Pennell
Sheyla Mills
Martina Manatiso
Mely Gibbs
Misslove85 Short
Veronica Krasner
Manuel01 Albatros
& VNP Ninetails (ok im not really a model but it was fun :D )

Making this video was a delight from start to end, literally i hada a blast. Antuanet brought all the models, but Kashmir, cause Kashmir and i aren´t models we did this for the first time. The backstage was crazy and the team got well mixed up. Coming from many different countries, the subjects got quite interesting and in a wide range. Now I can tell how much effort and detail a model needs to take care of to be good at this and these girls and boy are all professionals so i was really happy to work with them. So thanks to all of you guys and this video is dedicated to this great team. MUahhhhh...

NEXT DOOR GIRLThe next door girl misbehaves badly, she is cute but she makes u get some crazy ideas. You better don´t play her game or you will have to be punished. This outfit includes sculpted collar, tie and cuffs, prim armbands, realistic brown sweater, pants and miniskirt oh and yes sculpted boots with prim flexi sculpted bows. Casual, mischievous and sexy... ask me how much do i know professor ... :). Attachments are modifiable.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

OH MY HEAD! Optional flamming bra outfit!
If that man sets u on fire... Burn him... !!. new extremely sexy outfit.. with fine lace gloves, top and pants, fishnets, vintage miniskirt, metalic bra with sexy candles!... AND sculpted boots included. Drive his very guts crazy!!!... with OH MY HEAD :D
only at Vassnia :

Saturday, May 30, 2009

My Way

A dangerous and adorable lethal doll that is adored makes the most unreachable fantasy. Hot pants, jacket top, fishnets, armwarmers in net and lycra, choker(scripted), flexi skirt (modifiable)with sculpted belt and realistic leather boots with prim bows.This is a transferrable outfit.

Monday, May 25, 2009


Lace yourself from neck to ankles... sexy misterious stylish Zecret is a delight to wear and will make heads turns.. hearts collapse and mouths drool. Modifiable flexi skirt, breast cover, choker & pearls bracelets. Top comes in 3 layers and bottoms in 2 layers!. It also has 3 shades: light, medium and dark and... ankle boots!!!. Since it has so many options it is no trans but there is no way u regret getting this one...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

CITIZEN V - Realistic Black Leather Trench Coat

Realistic black leather textures and a tres chic design.. make of this trench coat a must for sophisticated girls who look for class and high quality. Jacket, pants, scuplted (modifiable) collar, cuffs with buckles, belt and flexi skirt.. check out the pictures and feel it. Fully trans!!!. ONLY AT VASSNIA MAIN STORE

Saturday, May 16, 2009

.::Vassnia::. iNsolEnt! - Black Leather Jacket (Male Version)

Classy black biker leather jacket! it has Sculpted&Modifiable collar, cuffs and waist band in many sizes .. and sexy, well made, classy with a touch of rebel realistic leather jacket with semiopened zipper .. show ur tats or favorite tank!!.. It's fully transfer.. and easy to adjust !. Go urban with Vassnia ;).
Male version comes with different sizes for the attachments S - M - L
Look for the matching female version of this jacket too ;)

TIP: Wear it with BOY TOY Jeans by Vassnia!

Special thanks to model Jayden Deezul