Friday, August 07, 2009

from August 9 to September 9!

If you want to win 5000 L (cash) plus a 2500L Card to spend in Vassnia CLOTHING STORE & SKINHOUSE, and you think you can make a professional photography then this contest is for YOU!.

All you have to do is:
1. Wear 1 Vassnia complete outfit and use at least one candle from Myford´s Candle Store (next to Vassnia Clothing Store) somewhere in the picture, use ur imagination!.
2. The picture should be 1024x1024 fullperms, no names, logos, signs, nudity or clothes from another brand. You can use photoshop or any program you want to enhance them.
3. Send a folder named: "Photocontest:___(YOUR NAME)___" (ex.: Photocontest: Jewell Blister) to VNP Ninetails including the picture and a notecard with ur transactions numbers of all the items bought at Vassnia and Myford´s Store included in the picture (they have to be bought since August 9 and no before that date). You can optionally add a description of how you got the inspiration for that picture.
4. The contestant must have VASSNIA as a pick in his/her profile and belong to VASSNIA GROUP.
5. You must upload ur picture to a FlickR account and add it to our group
6. You can send your picture between August
9th - September 9th. No entries will be accepted after that.

Judges will evaluate the quality, elegance, beauty, taste, imagination, creativity and originality... in your picture, you have to reflect your personality in it.

1. THE WINNER will get 5000L in cash and a 2500 L card to spend in Vassnia clothing store &Skinhouse.
2. Second place winner will get a 1500L store card to spend in Vassnia clothing store &Skinhouse.
3. Third place winner will get a 1000 L store card to spend in Vassnia clothing store &Skinhouse.
4. All the contestants that accomplish the rules, will be getting a gift
for their participation.

The winning photograph will be exposed at Vassnia Main store, in our blog , in our flickr site and promotional stuff.

The winner will get the priviledge to have 3 professional pictures taken at ANTUANET FORCELLA´s Studio.

Each of the 3 winners will get to model one of the next outfits Vassnia will be releasing and will keep the outfits they model as well.

Prizes will be given on September 11 at 3pm slt and the Cards will have to be spent until September 13 top, after that, they will expire.

GOOD LUCK on this challenge!!!

Vassnia Creator and Owner.

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