Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Nikita Passion a Jessica Rabbit touch!
Causing an impact while being exquisite and sensual is not an issue anymore with Nikita. Flexi modifiable skirt with slit and massively sexy cleavage.. realistic textures.. two versions of a necklace that could make ur cleavage the center of the attention.. shoes and realistic gloves!... transferrable.. Get to be the envy of ur friends... and the passion of everyone

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Antuanet skin by Vassnia (newwwww!)... the passion for moles uhmmmmm

This skin is available in 18 make ups individually or in a convenient megapack.. all the possible combinations of colors from classic to avant garde, it has moles in strategic places on the body which makes it unique and naughty.
Also, optional shape created specially for this skin: Blonde Ambition.
The Vassnia Video... must see !

Special thanks to models:
Antuanet Forcella
Kashmir Wind
Rhonda Pennell
Sheyla Mills
Martina Manatiso
Mely Gibbs
Misslove85 Short
Veronica Krasner
Manuel01 Albatros
& VNP Ninetails (ok im not really a model but it was fun :D )

Making this video was a delight from start to end, literally i hada a blast. Antuanet brought all the models, but Kashmir, cause Kashmir and i aren´t models we did this for the first time. The backstage was crazy and the team got well mixed up. Coming from many different countries, the subjects got quite interesting and in a wide range. Now I can tell how much effort and detail a model needs to take care of to be good at this and these girls and boy are all professionals so i was really happy to work with them. So thanks to all of you guys and this video is dedicated to this great team. MUahhhhh...

NEXT DOOR GIRLThe next door girl misbehaves badly, she is cute but she makes u get some crazy ideas. You better don´t play her game or you will have to be punished. This outfit includes sculpted collar, tie and cuffs, prim armbands, realistic brown sweater, pants and miniskirt oh and yes sculpted boots with prim flexi sculpted bows. Casual, mischievous and sexy... ask me how much do i know professor ... :). Attachments are modifiable.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

OH MY HEAD! Optional flamming bra outfit!
If that man sets u on fire... Burn him... !!. new extremely sexy outfit.. with fine lace gloves, top and pants, fishnets, vintage miniskirt, metalic bra with sexy candles!... AND sculpted boots included. Drive his very guts crazy!!!... with OH MY HEAD :D
only at Vassnia : http://slurl.com/secondlife/Vassnia/49/193/24