Tuesday, December 15, 2009

From .::Vassnia::. comes the stunning Dita Night gown, presented here in neat black. Elegant and sexy at once, Dita will show off your curves - and your skin - in mesmerising ways, thanks to the detailed and realistic stretched satin textures, the uniquely designed bare-back bodice, and the gently flowing full length skirt flaring out in the back.
The bodice features a corset-like appearance and wide ribbon bands running from the neck down the sides and around the back, where they meet the skirt with an adornment of sculpted flowers. Another ribbon band tied around the body below the chest provides a snug fit, connecting to the back of the neck with crossing straps. Further adding to the amazing texture detail are prim attachments such as the chest tie, a neck choker layered from strings tied with another decorative flower, and more flowers to wear anywhere on the hair.
Like most of Vassnia's creations, Dita comes complete with long satin gloves and a perfectly matched pair of ladies heels with sculpted and detailed flowers too - the perfect evening gown for the lady who seeks elegance and refinement without compromising her sex appeal.

It includes:
- a sexy choker with a sculpted flower and flexi straps
- realistic top and pants
- flexi skirt with fine detailed sculpted flowers on the back
- Sculpted shoes with sculpted flowers
- A flexi ribbon for the chest
- A high quality pair of satin gloves.
- Sculpted flowers for hair.. they can be edited to match any hairdo.

(choker, skirt and hair flowers are modifiable)
This dress is copiable and not trans.

Available at Vassnia Main Store in 3 different GOLD shades and in white as a wedding dress.

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