Sunday, July 31, 2011

MACARENA white lingerie by Vassnia
the sexy romantic dream of every men....
sexy, delicate, 2 layers of panties, 3 layers of bra.. high quality lingerie!
it is new new and you can get it here :D
Or in the Marketplace:
men will want to take it OFF YOU!

BROKEN FACE make up (fits your favorite skin!)
A realistic make up for a special effect of a broken porcelain face, looks like a cool fracture giving your face a unique look. IT IS UNISEX. Try demo before buying!


MISHA MOON and Fancy shape
As usual you can get our skins individually or in Megapacks at a very tempting price that includes all the 16 make ups.. we have also some make ups available next to this set that you can wear as tattoo layers on your favorite skins. If you want to buy them individually (with discount as well) you can come here:
this MEGAPACK includes the demo of the Shape FANCY made specially for this skin, which is sold separatedly also at our Vassnia Main Store :
Curious about the outfit used in the picture? it is also from Vassnia and it is called CHEL in black (we have it in red too) and you can buy it here

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Chel : available in red and black
This is the outfit you were expecting for.. leather looks amazing! the design is breathtaking!.. includes top, stockins, panties, boots, sculpted collar (scripted), sculpted sleeves (modifiable). The details will give you the security of wearing a high quality outfit that fits many many special occasions
Get it in world here:​e/Vassnia/21/193/25

or in the marketplace here: https://marketplace.second​​-explanation-needed/245565​6?preview=true

PARIS IN PINK sunglasses by Vassnia

originalissssimo and amazing design, this time it is the sexy girlie look that gets pampered! just look at the picture and you will know why Paris Hilton is so popular!! hugs! oh you can get them here :D​e/Vassnia/28/129/25
or in the marketplace: https://marketplace.second​​n-Pink-shades-by-Vassnia/2​520276