Monday, May 30, 2011


The making of this commercial was one of the most fulfilling experiences i've had in Second Life, all the people in it was nice and professional. Carlo Latzo was introduced to me by Kashmir Wind, and i knew it was him the guy i had pictured ... ... for the role of the cheater. He was extremely cooperative, funny and fyi..the crew never got to see his private parts, so they remained a mistery, although we've heard there are no complains whatsoever. I cowrote part of the script with Kashmir Wind and Jellybean Beaumont, thanks a lot to them for sharing their creative minds with me in this important part!. Thanks to the line in "german" that was an input of Toxic Aries. I also have to mention that it was Josephina Bonetto who persuaded me about making a video to promote Vassnia as a brand.. and i decided to take "cheating" (which is a usual fact in virtual realities) from the comical perspective so that people have some fun with it. Vassnia's clothes are based on mood, real life experiences, etc... since 2007 i have been releasing a diversity of styles according to these facts so i realized we could make a spot with a variety of situations using our items in all of them. My special thanks to the amazing artist Romeu Tomsen who built this amazing location we used for the wedding and had no problem in letting us film there and even participating as the bride's driver.
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Friday, May 06, 2011

Our new store presents the Sorrento Eye UNISEX Collection! and im sending a demo pack with all 40 pairs, so you can choose your favorite ones! there is a super pack with all the 40 eyes at a very special price (great deal!). Eyes are the best expression of our soul and you deserve to be able to express what's inside.
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