Saturday, February 25, 2012

Amazing seamed gown with sequins strategically placed to cover intimate areas.The skirt comes in 3 parts all of them scripted to be easily resized by menu, Less is more and this dress is an example of class and erotism, for sure!
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Monday, February 06, 2012

This is THALIA LARGEST LIP wear COLLECTION. From 5 to 7 lipsticks for 8 different skin tones from light to dark, some lipsticks are ideal for more than one skin tone of course. You will have classic tones, smoky tones, fashion show designed ones, artistic and glamorous designs. Each one is ALSO sold individually at our Vassnia Main Store ( at only 39 L!! but this MEGAPACK includes all the 43 of them at only 650L.
MARKETPLACE (demo available) :
((The skin THALIA in 8 tones made for these lips is sold per separate at our Vassnia Main Store))

Dea Bella by Vassnia

A beautiful goddes must look like one, and this outfit will make you painfully beautiful.. a sexy warrior but delicate..(not a robocop one). Panties and bra come as shirt, undershirt, jacket, pants and underpants layers. All veils and knots are flexi.
It comes with 27 items that include bra, panties, necklace, armbraces, bracelets, gloves, snake, comfortable sexy ninja shoes, leg warmers, waist chain, brack back chains, belly diamond, forehead diamond, bra flexi knot, veils. Everything is modifiable!!!. So u can personalize the color and resize as you want!!. Enjoy it ;)
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Blowing away his mind is not an issue anymore, those special moments deserve the best..and this will get your couple to the boiling point inmediately. It includes: boots, boots ribbons,stockings,panties, underpanties,microskirt (scripted), top in 3 layers, fancy tie for breast (scripted), gloves, armbands (scripted)... this lingerie includes it all!
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