Sunday, October 23, 2011

When sexy becomes that special moment where u conquer him and romance takes place.. this is what u need.. Valentine's Dream, Date, Angel and Storm!.. it will leave him speachless. It comes with: Flexi modifiable fantasy wings, sculpted shoes, bra in 3 layers, panties in 2 layers, garters&stockings, socks & optional modifiable neck band.
Make you way to his dreams.. be his dream girl.

Perfect gift for Saint Valentine Day or whenever you want some action.
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Thursday, October 20, 2011

This is the LOveSICK FIRE gown, in a unique combination of colors that will be the delight of any pair of eyes.
A warm tone with gold and marfil applications in lace are perfect for that special occasion where you want that special person to look at YOU.. where quality, sexy and class go together..
Flexi skirt in 6 modifiable parts made of realistic white lace, top&pants, sculpted modifiable flowers for hair and breast, sculpted shoes and torso ribbon..
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This is the ultimate Steampunk Diva dress... the skirt, choker and head tulle come in 2 versions each: editable (modifiable) for the ones who are skilled at editing prims and scripted, for the ones who like editing things using a menu. This amazing gown includes: choker, sleeves with sculpted and flexi attachments, top&bottom, skirt and skirt attachments for legs (modifiable), shoes, and a wonderful head tulle. Read the instructions and make a copy of your items before playing with prims.
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Thursday, October 13, 2011


If a va va boom cleavage is your thing... go right to it and show your cleavage down to your belly bottom.. in the most stylish gown!. This gown in a delicious berry tone has a top and bottom, and resizable with menu prim top and bottom too.. the top has the breast prims individually scripted you that you can adjust it to the size of your breasts. Not wearing the top is a good choice too because the texture under it can be shown on its own.
Available inworld at our Vassnia Main Store:

A vintage style that will make you ....unique. Original design by VNP Ninetails that includes: realistic detailed corset top, optional prim scripted choker with flexi details, realistic bottom with split, prim bow for the top of the split(mod), attachments for the legs (mod), flexi skirt with wonderful design (modifiable), shoes, lace gloves with unique design, prim attachments for the gloves to complete the vintage design and a cute prim knot for the corset.

Available inworld at:

PS: the leg bow shares the attachment point with one and only one prim (flexi skirt panel) that covers the back of the left leg when some aos make it go too uncovered, which would look bad. Edititing of this attachment shoud be done ticking Edit Linked parts to select only the bow or only the back flexi panel