Thursday, October 13, 2011

A vintage style that will make you ....unique. Original design by VNP Ninetails that includes: realistic detailed corset top, optional prim scripted choker with flexi details, realistic bottom with split, prim bow for the top of the split(mod), attachments for the legs (mod), flexi skirt with wonderful design (modifiable), shoes, lace gloves with unique design, prim attachments for the gloves to complete the vintage design and a cute prim knot for the corset.

Available inworld at:

PS: the leg bow shares the attachment point with one and only one prim (flexi skirt panel) that covers the back of the left leg when some aos make it go too uncovered, which would look bad. Edititing of this attachment shoud be done ticking Edit Linked parts to select only the bow or only the back flexi panel


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