Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Natalia Skin... im very proud of my work here! it comes in 17 make ups ! :) and you can also try the shape Passion that comes with it !.. yeah .. i took the best of the best with it ;) mmmmuacks !

Monday, April 27, 2009

Glamour... has been made for classy, stylish & sexy girls who are looking for a WOW effect wherever they go. It has a realistic top with satin belt, sculpted breast cover (modifiable), flexi skirt in 2 sizes (modifiable), shoes, pants and leg attachments (modifiable)... this dress can be bought as a gift cause its Trans!!!.

Friday, April 24, 2009


Latest Skin by Vassnia: Vitabela Tan in 17 make ups .. now with a sexy mole on the right spot to enhance ur face.Also Top Model Shape... tall, stylish, perfect face.. great curves!.
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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

This is Paris Honi and she was kind enough to send me a pic of hers wearing Viviana Skin by Vassnia... i think this is THE pic.. thank you Paris!.
The Vassnia Fashion Show... (special thanks to whoever did this ! )

The Vassnia Fashion Show.. (special thanks to Josey Trautman for making the video)

Not a lot of men's clothes so far ... i admit.. but the ones i have so far have been made for a reason always.. so they have literally a why and a soul.. ;)
It is a challenge to make a skin.. i like painting portraits using oil on canvas techniques in rl so i really enjoy the making of a skin process in sl...

Potnia Theas was kind enough to convince me to make a blog... well and here it is..and knowing myself.. i wont be able to stop!. well yes.. welcome to Vassnia the Blog

Monday, April 20, 2009

SOULMATE! This wedding gown has amazing details, its sexy and original.. the veil is fantastic and if u take off the skirt.. it turns into smexy white lingerie for ur wedding night!... yeah.. irresistible.. ICE!!!!

Pie... The Night Dress... also available in 21 colors at Vassnia Main Store. This dress.. well this dress is just DA BOMB... and here Jellybean Beaumont is wearing it with such an exquisite taste.. at Ericka Coanda's wedding!.. yeah .. all the wedding was Purple Themed so.. she is Wearing Tita Pie.. u know why this color is Tita?.. cause Tita was my grandma.. and this was her favorite color.. so sweet.. so tender!.. Mama Tita.. hope you like this from heaven ;).
Feel unique, classy, romantic with a thrown of SEXY and GLAMOUR... 40's style reloaded!. Detailed TOP, detailed Pants... Flexi and modifiable Skirt that also comes with leg attachments for extra realism and a cute hot detail on the back to emphasize your great derriere!.. and it also comes with FULLY sculpted fancy shoes that match the dress Beautifully!. THIS NEW YEAR PARTY in this DRESS, IS ALL YOUR URS!This satin dress makes the PERFECT GIFT for demanding elegant and sexy GIRLS.. cause its fully TRANS!

Latina... a night dress.. with taste, sensuality and class.
Available in 21 colors (phewww... it took forever to make this collection). Each color comes with 4 types of skirts: Satin only, Tulle (with polka dots) or a polka dots layer on the top.. or on the bottom!. It also has matching shoes, top.. optional panties.. and pants. All the textures are high quality and no.. its not just colored.. each color is made outworld. Yeah... this is not a dress to be unnoticed.. so if u are ready for be on the spotlight with a totally different style.. ;) .. just dare to wear Latina!